مقالات منتشر شده

نهمین همایش بیوانفورماتیک ایران

شمارهنام و نام خانوادگیعنوان پوسترفایل صوتی
۱رضا کریم نژادInvestigation of Statistical Modeling of Allelic Frequencies
۲زهرا عنایتیPolymorphism analysis, phylogeny and achieving consensus vaccinal sequence of Bm86 midgut protein of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus)
۳زهرا عنایتیVaccino-informatics study of the Bovine Coronavirus (BCV) in Iranian diarrheatic calves by Centralized sequence (CS) methods
۴عطیه احمدیSequence and structure analysis of DNA polymerase KOD1: Why KOD1 is a thermophilic enzyme?
۵ریحانه کامل نیاStudy on the effects of acetylation of lysine residue of insulin on their structural properties
۶فاطمه اسماعیلیTemporal Convolutional Learning: A New Sequence analysis model to Improve the Performance of Deep Neural Networks in Smart Phone Based Human Activity Recognition
۷عاطفه امیراحمدیAre white and purple flowers distinct species? -DNA answer
۸مرتضی براتیComputational identification of miRNA in wheat (Triticum aestivum) by present miRNA sequences alignment
۹ایمان یوسفی جوانComparison of the coding sequences of cold-resistant genes expressed in plants
۱۰مسعود علی پناهGenome-Wide Association analysis some of diabetes related traits
۱۱سها سطوتیIn silico analysis of superoxide dismutase sequences for industrial applications
۱۲نرگس طولابیComprehensive transcriptome analysis for Construction of transcriptional regulatory network of human colon cancer
۱۳شیما کرمیIdentification of Drought Stress-responsive Genes in Rice by Comparative RNA-seq Analysis
۱۴سارا فیاض زادهIdentification of Differentially Expressed Genes in PBMCs of Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Bioinformatics Analysis
۱۵سید شهاب حسینیSuggestion a Mathematical Model of Immunotherapy of Superficial Bladder Cancer with Optimal Control Approach
۱۶لیلا میرصادقیA Proposed Ensemble Classifier (EC) Machine Learning Algorithm for Evaluation of Plausible Drivers of Metastatic Breast Cancerدانلود
۱۷مارال زروانیResidual Network of Residual Network: A New Approach to Improve Deep Learning Based Segmentation of Left Ventricle in MRI Cardiac Image
۱۸بهنام ریحانی متنقCSNet: A Novel Protein Complex-based Feature Selection Method in Clinical Proteomics
۱۹محمد حسین نوروزی بیرامیCompositional bias in metagenomic data analysisدانلود
۲۰مائده مقربیModeling of Breast Cancer Using Neural Network and Neuro-Fuzzy Network
۲۱روح الله جمالیPeptide retention time prediction using LSTM artificial neural network architecture
۲۲راضیه معصوم شاهNNPS: A neural network based model for polypharmacy side effects prediction
۲۳ملیحه باقریBioinformatics Prediction of miRNAs Targeting E6 and E7 Oncogenes in Human Papillomavirus in Cervical Cancer
۲۴ناهید صفری علی قیارلوCentrality analysis of protein-protein interaction networks reveals shared genes between type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis
۲۵نازنین حسین خانDifferential DNA methylation and gene expression analyses of stage one Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma revealed potential biomarkers associated with cancer initiation
۲۶رزا اقدمAn Order-independent Algorithm for Inferring Directed Gene Regulatory Networks from Incomplete Data
۲۷نگین سادات باباییهاImprovement of prediction of RNA’s location in the cell by taking advantage of common neural network methods and architectures
۲۸فتانه سام دلیریAnalysis of the Gene Expression Profile of Cardiac Fibroblast and Epicardial-Derived Stromal Cells (As the Origin of Cardiac Fibroblast in Fibrotic Heart)
۲۹کیوان اردشیریPotential biomarkers of HCC based on miR-mRNA interaction by bioinformatics analysis
۳۰مریم رافعی پورThe effect of negative data selection on predicting plant-pathogen interactions
۳۱علیرضا روحانی منشComputational Analysis of Host Gene Expression Profile in Response to SARS-CoV-2 Infection by Fuzzy Logic
۳۲امین ابراهیمی صدر عابدیThe Bioinformatics Analysis of Important Role of Diet in Differential Expression of ITGAV Gene and Colorectal Cancer Development
۳۳مهدیه عابدیPredicting Protein-protein Interaction between Bacteria and Phage Using Tree-based Methods
۳۴سمیره فرامرزیImmunoinformatic analysis for designing peptide vaccine against avian infectious laryngotracheitis virus
۳۵نجف الهیاری فردProteome Mining for Investigation of Allergy and Cross-Reactivity in Lactobacillus spp.
۳۶نجف الهیاری فردAllergenicity Assessment of L-Asparaginase II and Docking Analysis with H1, H2 Antihistamins Groups
۳۷سید محمد صالح هادویData mining and association rules discovery in cancer patient characteristics
۳۸سید مجتبی موسویImmunoinformatic prediction of B and T cell epitopes of MIC13 antigen for engineering a recombinant vaccine
۳۹آیدا منتظریComputer Aided Drug Design: Every Drug Tells a Story…
۴۰سپیده کلهرThe Role of Computational Chemistry in Drug Design Based on Natural Products to Inhibit ABCG2 proteins in Cancer Cells
۴۱سپیده کلهرRational in silico drug design based on natural compounds to targeting DNA and DNA polymerase alongside with their complex
۴۲مريم خراسانيDifferential Expression microRNAs Analysis in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Samples Compared to Non-triple Negative Breast Cancer Samples: In silico analysis of Microarray Data
۴۳فاطمه معتمدی دهبارزA novel multi-epitope peptide vaccine against hepatocellular carcinoma designed by immunoinformatics approaches
۴۴صفورا حریری3D-QSAR modeling, pharmacophore-based virtual screening, and assessment of ADMET properties for in silico identification of potential inhibitors of Toxoplasma gondii adenosine kinase
۴۵صفورا حریریProteochemometric study of the pyrimidine-based scaffold derivatives as pjDHFR inhibitors
۴۶زهرا معتمدیUnraveling the Role of Glycosylation in Regulation of EGFR-ErbB2 Heterodimers
۴۷علیرضا دوست محمدیDeveloping a tool to visualizing HSSP data
۴۸میترا صمدیMolecular modeling of Human Aurora C Kinase in complex with INCENP provides insight into its molecular interactions
۴۹الهه کاشانی امینChallenges in developing class C G-protein coupled receptor (C GPCR) homology model: A case study of an improved model of sweet taste receptorدانلود
۵۰هما فرجیRRM1 and RRM2 of human dead end protein: which one does interact with p27 transcript?دانلود
۵۱ژولیا علیزاده رهرویA comparative molecular dynamics simulation study on the unfolding of a bacterial albumin-binding domain
۵۲سید مجتبی موسویPrediction of B cell and T cell epitopes of ILPO-A protein with aim of designing an epitopic vaccine against Leishmaniosis
۵۳مونا روشنیDesigning novel teduglutide analogues with improved binding affinity: An in silico protein peptide approach
۵۴اکرم امدادیA review of recommender system methods for drug response prediction
۵۵اسحاق خداپرست سیاهمزگیTheoretical evaluation of using Armchair carbon nanotubes for DNA sequencing by density functional theory
۵۶نرگس جمشیدیElucidating the Roles of lL-1Rll in the Regulation of Human Immune System
۵۷فاطمه برزگر سلوکلائیStudy the inhibitory effect of some plant origin flavonoids against targetable cancer receptors GRP78 by molecular docking
۵۸شکوه رضائیMolecular Dynamics (MD) simulation of receptor-binding domain (RBD) of Coronaviruses
۵۹دانیال خدیویDimension reduction of amino acid indices with principal component analysis
60کامران مظاهری کلهرودیDiscovery of a new potential inhibitors of μ opioid receptor based on the pharmacophore modeling of the Thebaine using the virtual screening of data
61راضیه فقهیNovel Inhibitors for Allosteric Site 2 of SHP2 Enzyme Based on Natural Organic Compounds: A Rational In Silico design
62زینب مرشدیBayesian quantile regression for partially linear mixed-effects models in skew longitudinal dat‏a
63مهسا افشاری کاشانیانThe effect of ibuprofen on p53 gene changes in zebrafish (Danio rerio)
64فاطمه برزگر سلوکلائیStudy of the interaction between some flavonoids of plant origin with COVID-19 main protease by molecular docking method
65محمدنوید محبت کارThe effect of different amino acid substitution on signal peptide of SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein
66کوروش دانشورنژادIdentification of SARS-CoV-2 3CL protease and PL protease inhibitory effects among natural compounds: Structure-based virtual screening based on molecular docking and MM-GBSA studies
67المیرا محرمی آذغانMolecular docking and ADMET properties of natural products against the Cathepsin D, in breast cancer
68محمد حسین حب اللهPhiDsc: Protein Hotspot Identification by 3D Structure Comparison
69محمدحسین افشاری نیاAn Integrated Functional Analysis of Multiple RNA-Sequencing and Microarray Studies
70فرید نصیریA Novel Random Forest-Based Model to Predicting Anticancer Peptides
71سیما سلطانیMining functional modules: Form Ensemble-based Community Detection to Integrating Interprotein Networks
72علیرضا خندابیIn silico analysis of the effect of naturally occurring SNP/mutations in Lampyris turkestanicus Luciferase enzyme activity
73زهرا رودباریBioinformatic prediction and introducing of some targeting MicroRNAs of STAT3 and HMOX1 genes associated with growth and development in beef cattle
74زهرا رودباریidentification of potential genes based on the results on the interaction between bta-miR-375 and target genes in dairy cattle